Friday, 1 April 2011


At some point during my early adulthood I realised that the only consistent point about myself is my inconsistency.

I think that it exists in all walks of my life. I try to be consistent with the girls because I think its important to be. I know I’m not always but then I think that’s because I do try to take each scenario as it comes and react accordingly based on the merits of each different situation.

My blogging is most definitely not something that could ever be considered as consistent. I have tried various different techniques in an attempt to bring some order to things but all to no avail. I’ve tried scheduling a regular ‘word of the day’ slot, I tried a ‘thought of the day’ and many moons ago I joined in on the ‘her space my space’ photo prompts back in the days before it switched to Facebook - but somehow I lost the plot on all of them. Part of my problem will be wondering if anyone is reading my stuff and I guess that’s where another inconsistency comes in. Is my blog one for sharing scrapbook pages or is it about charity shop finds; is it about good books to read or about the trials of taking on a 250 year old cottage (with its own private water supply, septic tank and a decidedly sliding down hill feel to it); or is it just about ‘stuff’. I can’t claim to write witty posts on a regular basis (if ever), I can’t claim to post scrapbook pages at all at the minute – the only thing I can claim is my inconsistency.

I did comment earlier today on a blog from BfS – I will get the name added later I hope but I’m just off-line currently – I commented particularly because she mentioned that she was inconsistent and it was a joy to find someone who used that same word and I do hope she doesn’t mind that I’ve taken up the word for my post today.  She’s not inconsistent, she’s interestingly varied and a real pleasure to read. So why can’t I feel the same?

ETA, the blog I refer to is BE Glorious, you can see it here Smile

I’m enjoying BfS, I’m really enjoying having folk visit and posting comments. I’m enjoying visiting all these new blogs and swooping off in all the different directions they take me. I’m a little bit agog at just how much time can be swallowed up by it and, if I want to continue, I need to find a way to control the time that works for me.  I’m aware that I’m not visiting or commenting on every blog, so if I miss you, I apologise here and now but as with everything I’m a tad inconsistent.

Thanks for stopping by and please fee free to leave a comment. I’ll leave you with a random photo of Mad Dog Maisy.


Wendy xx


Alison said...

I think inconsistency in blogging is OK.....I like reading blogs that tell a little about people's lives, as well as their scrapbooking. Funnily enough, I was just thinking that mine has absolutely NOTHING on it about scrapbooking so far,,,though I might go and remedy that now
Alison xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Wendy, I think its perfectly fine to be inconsistent, and I personally always like reading what you write. I've struggled this week to think of things to write on the blog which is why my posting has been quite sporadic. I think just with what you feel :) its your blog xx

Beverly said...

Wendy, Thanks for the shoutout!! I am thrilled that you are a kindred spirit, embrace it :) From the comments I've gotten it doesn't appear to annoy anyone...well maybe the ones it annoys stop dropping by but that's okay, the blogging world has so many different styles to offer. Have a glorious weekend!

Sian said...

I think my blog is a bit inconsistent too - I like posting my layouts but I like writing my stories and talking about books and crafts too. But as long as people are continuing to visit I guess that's okay - and I love to read blogs with a mix myself, so you are doing just fine in my book!