Monday, 28 March 2011

It’s odd but …….

Last night I had actually started to draft a post about being in need of some focus in my life but I didn’t like how it was panning out – too boring. Then Shimelle’s prompt this morning talked about sharing goals etc on our blogs and how one might incorporate them without losing the reader. And so I decided to try something different that I hope won’t be boring to read about but that also might start to give me a little of the focus I need.

Da da

Goals Wk 1 copy

Hmm, I’m not convinced. 

Be Creative is self evident, so it could be scrapping, sewing, doing up junk, anything of that nature. I have enough stash to open my own shop and I’m not scrapping at all at the moment so that’s a definite ‘needs improvement’.  I have reams of scrummy material and a long list of items to make, so there’s another. I also have a small bookcase and a standard lamp that need to be shabby chic’d as soon as possible too.

Get Fit is another that speaks for itself. I did get myself back to the gym today. I’ve not used it on a regular basis since last year so I need to get back into it. I’ve also listed ‘Run’ under do something new – I must be mad, I hate running! Pete wants to get into his running, he bought new shoes in November and then I treated him to some decent kit to wear too for part of his Christmas present. So far he’s managed to get out exactly ….  zero times.  So I thought I’d give it a go with him, I hate it though – did I say that?

I’m using the old Red, Amber, Green system to report how well I did against my target once a week on a Monday and I don’t expect really to actually write a great deal about it once its got going. Aaarrghgh, feels too much like it used to when I worked. I’ll have to see how it goes.

The ‘Goals’ little piccie does mean that I have been creative today (ish) I know, I am clutching at straws – and I need to give credit to Dawn Inskip for the border I’ve used.  I had to re-install Photoshop first  so that I could set about playing and that proved slightly problematical. You can only have Adobe products installed on two machines and each time you install you need your product code AND you need to activate the software. Because our laptop had previously crashed necessitating the installation of a new hard drive I couldn’t perform the de-activation before the activation – if you know what I mean. Damn, what to do now. I googled it and various forums confirmed that there is no way around it and so I googled Adobe support UK, hoping for a number I could call. The site I found here gave me access to an online chat (once I’d selected the option for trouble with activation). The gentleman that I got to ‘chat’ to was wonderful and in no time at all he had re-set the counter so that I could activate my software – brilliant service, and I am keeping a hold of that url for future reference.

I think that’s all for now, thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comments.

Wendy xx


MonicaB said...

Good luck with your goals! It's great that you are writing them down. They say it helps in reaching them...maybe I should do that too!

Jinnag said...

Its funny how often Shimelle's prompts link to an idea that's already there - even when I've doen nothing about them! Good luck with your goals!! J x

Tracy said...

It looks like you are winning already! Good luck.

Denise said...

Hello,just saying hello from BFS :-)

Ginger said...

Love your little table! Very creative!

Sian said...

Good luck with your goals - I'm sure there will be lots of bloggers cheering you on now!

Lisa-Jane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the idea of that system for your goals and I may pinch it! I started a little spreadsheet for my many goals, with tick boxes if I did it but I like your idea better!