Thursday, 24 March 2011

Book are for Life (not just for Christmas)

There’s something deliciously exciting about leaving the library, my arms full of books. Maybe it’s because my arms are full of endless possibilities to be found on pages I’ve only had tantalising glimpses of whilst making my selections. Or, maybe it’s because the sun always seems to shine as I walk with childlike grin and a spring in my step back to the car. I don’t really believe the suns shines just because I’ve been to the library, more likely that I only pop in when the weather’s good, after all, I don’t want to spoil my precious cargo getting them wet. Perhaps it’s just that I absolutely adore books. I love touching them, stroking them, running my fingers across the print of a novel, reading glasses at the ready. I love the way a good novel transports you into its midst for the duration and the ideas that spark as I peruse my non-fiction choices. I love glossy pages with sumptuous images lovingly sharpened, colour corrected and closely cropped in Photoshop before being selected to adorn the pages of my latest choices in shabby chic, life on earth or mouth-watering cupcake recipes.

Mum took us to the library every Saturday morning as children. I remember happily exploring the children’s section gathering books whose covers took my fancy. To the teenage me though, the library was just a building that happened to be in front of my favourite disco and that’s how it stayed pretty much throughout the next three decades. Oh I dallied sporadically with my on-going membership but it never lasted. My relationship now though has built up over a couple of years and in the last few months I have truly come to understand the worth of this venerable institution with its wonderful staff. Nowadays when I fancy a particular book I reserve it, usually, online. If my branch has it; all well and good, I just collect when next I visit. If not; it’s transferred to my branch and I am duly charged. If my choice isn’t in the Borough but is available elsewhere in the country once again it’s transferred in for me and, inevitably, I am charged. I’ve not yet come across a title that I cannot source in this way. And do you know the mighty sum levied for this wonderful service – 40p per book! Don’t you just love it!

This post is in response to Prompt 4 from Blogging for Scrapbookers. I must admit that it will probably be the only one that gets posted this quickly and then only because I happened to mention yesterday that I might post my failed magazine submission Smile  When I read Shimelle’s talk of the library in the prompt – well it just had to be didn’t it.

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Wendy xx


helena said...

I agree - looking forward to my trip to the library this afternoon - and yes it is sunny

Sian said...

As an ex-librarian myself, I gave a cheer when I read this post! Your wonderful description of the fabulousness of books is a classic.

Tracy said...

I love my library too! And even the bookshop although I try not to buy too many.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are the first person I have met who actually has read the Duncton books without me recommending them!
I have read all of Sharon Penman's books, they are awesome. I fell in love with Richard III after reading The sunne in Splendour. Try Barbara Erskine, especially her early books they remind me a lot of her books. I am sure you would also like Diana Gabaldon.

Lisa said...

I don't head to the library much any more... I get too many free books on my Kindle! However I LOVE the smell of books... is that weird? I love their feel and weight and was afraid switching to my Kindle would change that... but I have just enough paper books in the house to keep me satisfied & a library down the street.

Beautiful post! I'm reminiscing myself.

Melissa said...

A nice article! I enjoy the library and frequent it often.

jo said...

I love my library and have early memories of trips to the mobile library as a child. I reserve my books online too - after scanning new releases on Amazon or the shelves in my local Waterstones for new titles! There is something about being the first person to read a library book.

Jinnag said...

Oh I so identified with your post! My mum took us to the library every Saturday morning too! Love it!