Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Snapshot year

This is the first in a new little project. I was tidying up a little and decided to double check how many ‘pages’ I have for the new D-ring album I ordered yesterday – I order a 12 x 12 you see and then mix and match all the different sizes into one album. I came across the pack of photo pages (each page holds 12 6x4 inch photos over the two sides) out of which only one has ever been used. I’d bought them thinking that I’d add a few to each album just of photos but that’s never felt quite right. So instead I decided to try some mini layouts and I thought the theme of one ‘snapshot’ summing up each month of the year might work quite nicely. I’ve used the downloadables from the GoGo Yearbook and have used the appropriate months kit too. February’s has been done too and I’ve made a start on March, quite productive for me lol.

The rest of the day has been rather uneventful and work is progressing on the conservatory slowly but surely. I keep being told that it will be gorgeous when finished. Jolly good but I want it to hurry up now.  I only popped out briefly, apart from the school run, and that was to take Mum and her friend to Boundary Mills – and I didn’t even go in, how good am I?

Thanks for dropping by.

  Wendy x

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