Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowy Day

Just a slight frost on the ground when the girls went to school this morning but by the time I'd made a cup of coffee back home we'd really got the white stuff coming down fast. It only snowed for about 30 mins but that gave us a good inch of good quality snow (as Ant would call it). In the Manchester area they've had much more overnight and Ant said the streets were deserted as he made his way to the tram this morning.  I think he was quite tempted to give up and just go back home - I shared a few stern words with him (via text) and he continued in. However, he's now on his way home! Apparently he kept an eye on the buses and trains and as they started to take services out he 'suggested' folk ought to head home. Humph, wish I knew how that makes him look; sensible and concerned or 'skiving'? Oh well, he is an adult, his decision.

Back home the sky threatens more snow but it's holding off for now.  Pete did text to say they'd heavy snow in Bourneville.  He won't drive the car home if it stays heavy on the ground.  The little car is decidedly dangerous in snow as Pete discovered last year when he did a 360 degree spin on the M54 and gracefully slid into a ditch!  The postie bought me a nice little parcel though (and Pete's new phone has arrived), still no sign of our new cutlery though which is becoming a tad worrying, especially as there's been no reply to my email AND the number has been ringing no reply for days. Aaaarrrggghh, just decided to track down another number for them and my search took me to a site that gives me a 30% discount code , that would save me another £30 on top of the £20 I saved when I placed the order. Managed to speak to someone in head office and she will get someone to call me back. Soooooooo, if they haven't already handled the order I will cancel and place it again with the new code. Gosh, isn't life complicated!

But I digress, my nice little parcel contained extra bobbins, a bobbin case and a dressmaking pattern - gulp!  I've not 'made' anything since school but I thought that my nice new sewing machine deserved to be used for a little more than just sewing on scrapbook pages lol. I chose this pattern because a) I like the design and can see me making more than one (lol, that might be a tad previous of me) and b) it's classed as easy.  I've no material yet, I thought I'd be sensible and wait until I had the pattern in my sticky mitts, so I'm sat here 'reading' it! Hmm, this little adventure could prove interesting - off to play at filling bobbins up lol

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