Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Ok, so its the 4th already but the days have just flown by.  The girls aren't back at school until tomorrow so they're currently still in bed, I dread to think how bad it's gonna be to get them up and out tomorrow morning.  This Christmas break seems to have been over in a flash, Emily was saying the same only yesterday, perhaps it has something to do with the way it fell this year, don't know.  I do know though that it will be good to get back into a routine of sorts. I need to get back to the gym, and the new (cheaper) gym should open on the 14th so that will be interesting. When I drove past over the weekend it struck me that they have an awful lot to do before the 14th though, so we shall see. Our little family party on New Years Eve went well, this year Bex took the photos for our little 'name that item' game.  Here's one to share:

The decorations are all still up at the moment so I need to get those down over the next day or two and then I can get the house straight again.  I did manage to get my desk tidied over the weekend and was hoping to scrap, but somehow the inspiration just wasn't there.  I'm not taking many photos either so I need to remedy that one too.  Sooooo much to do.  Talking of which, we need to decide what we're going to buy for the new bathroom, buy it and then get it fitted - We'd originally thought that it would be done next weekend, oops - lost a bit of time there then. Right, lets get this new year into gear !

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Sue Nicholson said...

Helllooooo . . . how great to hear from you :-)

I don't blog now but do lots on facebook . . . have sent you a friend invite.

Such a lovely surprise to hear from you :-)