Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Today's Layout

I really like these two, they are 12x6 layouts done s a double page and for the first of May's Academy over at ScrapaGoGo.  This is the first time I have done this size and although I am happy with a double like this, I'm not sure how a single page will feel to do. The photos date from 1966 and I have corrected my error but can't be bothered to re-take the photo of the pages.

Yesterday we had the very patient, James back to finish off designing Emily's bedroom.  That's all sorted now and will be fitted on the 2nd July. Ems really pleased with it and I love the layout we've chosen - the actual colour themselves are down to Emily and it remains to be seen how happy I'll be with those.  We're also having the spare room done at the same time so we've got lots of stripping, plastering, decorating etc etc to do over the next few weeks.  We're due to disappear off down the caravan tomorrow until Monday so it's fingers crossed for nice weather :)

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