Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Catch up time

To catch up then – in brief. We had a wonderful Christmas in our new home, lots of family days, different visitors and food galore. Amongst some wonderful presents, Pete bought me an iPod Touch, this little gadget is sooooooo good, even enabling me to email back home recently whilst we were in The Gambia! It’s also brilliant for ‘carrying’ around lots of favourite photos, as well as the traditional music, videos and audio books.

New Years day saw us start taking our anti malaria tablets and the day after we packed Christmas away for another year, we left for Senegal. This was an absolutely wonderful holiday and because we travelled to and from Senegal via The Gambia we were able to experience (or perhaps witness) their way of life. So very different from ours, how can we ever think we have it tough!

Back home now to a newly converted garage (we cheated and had the workmen in whilst on holiday) that I need to get decorated and flooring laid etc. The new room is a decent size and will double as an office and crafting space – ooh I can’t wait to get all my stash back out of storage and get stuck in. Following on the heels of this work will be our new bedroom which is scheduled to be installed in a couple of weeks – There’s an awful lot to do between now and then.

Our company is fully set up, registered for VAT and all manner of other bits and bobs. Pete started our first contract this week but unfortunately it’s taking him away from home Monday to Friday so I am feeling that I have just a tad too much peace and quiet at the moment. I’ve not found my rhythm yet and so I find that although I have a great long list of things to do, motivation is severely lacking.

I’ve a digi layout in the current issue of Scrapbook Inspirations so it was nice to see it waiting in the pile of post upon our return. One of the (shall we call it) ‘downsides’ of having no-one here is that I have been easily distracted by various ideas for scrapping some of the numerous shots from holiday, so here’s another.

Credits for the two corner snippets of pp – Bungalow by Danielle Young.

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