Tuesday, 30 October 2007

First Tutorial

A couple of days ago I was approached by a fellow scrapper from UKS about a couple of digi templates I'd used on layouts. As it happened these were both my own design so it was really nice to find someone who wanted to use them. I've learnt quite a lot about Photoshop since I first produced these templates and so I felt I was in a better position to explain, simply, how to use them to create a layout. And so, I have today produced my first tutorial. I have shared it with the scrapper who had asked about my templates and I've also asked a blogging friend to have a look, see if it makes sense etc and is usable. The lo I've attached here is what I made as I worked through the step by step tutorial. I am not 100% happy with it as a lo but that wasn't why I created it - trouble with me is I don't like 'deleting' them once I've done them, even if I don't like them :-) How daft is that! The papers are from Bittersweet by Dahlia Co Designs.

Talking of layouts, I have a digi layout that is being used in one of the popular scrapbook magazines in the near future so that should be fun - unless they run out of room that lol. Of course it means that I have to remove it from online galleries until after it's published so - watch this space.

I'm really enjoying being at home currently. With everything that has gone on and changed over the last few months I think I am just now starting to settle. Our new home is lovely. Don't get me wrong, there's lots we want to do but it is lovely just to 'be' here. I feel really quite relaxed and happy. The kids all like it here, my sister seems to see more of us here (although there's no real reason why that should be) and everything is just feeling rather good at the moment. We've just booked a holiday for the New Year. Pete has a significant birthday in January and we thought we'd celebrate with a bit of a trip, so we're off to Senegal for 10 days. The hotel looks wonderful (Le Royal Lodge) and the journey between The Gambia and our destination sounds 'interesting' to say the least - let's put it this way, the brochure suggests that one part of it is 'not for the faint hearted' Ok, this could get interesting. Just need to arrange the Malaria tablets and Yellow Fever vaccination !! Oh boy, just knew there'd be a drawback. Pete's started to put out feelers for jobs and within a couple of days he has about 4 irons in the fire. Not quite sure what he'll do if they ALL offer him employment but hey ho.

Ok, that's me for this entry - need to get the Girls to bed.

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