Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Wibbly Wednesday

Ok, a post that's not a HS;MS prompt. Since being more mobile - as in being able to walk, the time I have for blogging has reduced. I want to keep doing the daily photo prompts and on occasion can also use shots taken for my online photography course with CJ - see here if anyone is interested - but I am finding that as a record of daily life it is falling way behind. So today's post (and it may be the only one because today's prompt is 'kiss' and I am here on my own !!) is meant to be a very quick update.

I've included a photo of the girls taken on holiday, I've not done anything with these photos yet but I do have some lovely ones of the girls. Sometimes they look so grown up it's scary. One thing I have managed to do is to mount one of the 12x12 prints I had done recently (and posted about) onto canvas and it looks great, really pleased with it.

House Move - Hmmm, the current owners of the house we are buying will not agree to a date any earlier than the 28th September - even though everything is ready to go. This is somewhat disappointing as their reason for this has only recently come to light but hey ho I can understand their reasoning. So I've approached my estate agent to ask them to talk to our vendor to see if they'll accept a later completion date. So, it's fingers crossed for a little while. We've not really got moving on the packing though - we've got lots of boxes, the latest courtesy of Lynn (thanks Lynn) and I have done some de-junking but it's difficult to really get going on it until we have an agreed date and that date is nearer.

I managed to get to the gym last week (as I took the plunge and started to drive - yippeee, I can get out) and took myself off for a swim. Wow did it feel weird, I can't quite describe it but somehow as I kick my leg in the water I can feel the plate in my leg. And I can't swim straight anymore, how weird is that!! I can only presume that my left leg is still a lot weaker than the other, I wouldn't have known that though. It's still got quite a bit of swelling unfortunately, I keep trying to remember to elevate it but I seem to have gotten out of the habit.

So I think that's it for a quick round up, there are other bits and pieces but they'll keep. Toodles.

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Ninnie said...

Beautiful girls you have there. Love the lighting in this shot also.