Wednesday, 5 September 2007

More haste, less speed

Aaaarrrggghhh - It takes me quite a while to select the images of the girls separate to their surroundings, then I carefully copy to separate layers so that I can continue to play and alter the elements individually without impacting my saved layers. Then what do I do!! I save the whole thing as a jpeg BEFORE having saved it as a PSD file, thereby losing all my carefully constructed layers. So this is my play for tonight.

I can't quite face re-doing the selection of the girls so I think it must be bedtime. Night night


Jolanda said...

What a great picture!

Sue Nicholson said...

In Photoshop there is a magnetic lasso tool. I use this to drag around the image as close as possible so it attaches itself where I want it to. Not sure how it wold bhave with the strands of hair though? Is there an easier way?

I am multi layering all the time but am hopeless about giving them meaningful names!!!!