Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Woozy Wednesday

Bit of busy day today, well as far as my days are at the moment. A friend of mine was taking me out to lunch so after breakfast I showered and washed my hair. I still find this a little bit like hard work but the sheer luxury of being able to stand under running water is wonderful. We had a lovely lunch and a good old chin wag for a couple of hours and then she dashed off to be home in time for the school run. I, meantime, needed to get to the hospital for my physio appointment. I had a lovely girl called Sally and she was really pleased with the flexibility I've got so far in my ankle, she wasn't too impressed with the fact that I have taken to riding my bike, her (valid) point is that although I can ride well, and it will do me good exercise wise - I will do me no good at all if I fall off. The gain is too much, especially for our hols though so I will just have to be ultra careful. Later this afternoon, when my leg had had enough I settled down to have a go at the template I posted earlier. I was really quite pleased with it and have used it to create the lo you see here. The credits for this are: Fancy H Template by WendyB Designs (lol) and Papers from Acid Rain by Janel Kretschman at Pink Poodle Studios. The photos are old ones of the kids taken on our family holiday to Norway in 2002. I lurve Norway, beautiful, clean country - we must go back again. Well that's all for now I think - night each.


Sue Nicholson said...

I am totally loving these layouts :)

And then I see that you have created a template ! Me ! Me ! Me ! Please I don't just want it I am actually in need of it :)

Off to see my physio tomorrow. Have checked the net and you are so not going to believe what I think I am going to have to wear!! Think E Scissorhands and you won't be far off!! HELP !!

Sue Nicholson said...

ooopppsss ! ! ! Misunderstood. Feel so silly. It's your template not a freebie. SORRY.

WendyB said...

Sue, will email you.