Thursday, 24 May 2007

Very first Entry

So, today is my first day, in 28 years, of not being employed. Or do I mean today is the first day of my career break, or of being a lady of leisure. Well actually, none of these are quite true as I have annual leave that takes me through to the end of May.

I had a wonderful leaving party yesterday though, it was by invite only which meant I was able to spend my last day with the folk that have been most important to me in recent years. All hand picked and all now good friends. I was presented with a wonderful gift, a new Digital SLR camera which I'm guessing will feature a lot on my pages.

Ok, it's late (23:30) and I have only just decided to create this but I am going to have to leave my first entry very short as I am rather tired. I will just add though one of my experimental shots taken today.

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