Tuesday 22 October 2013

One Photo and Twenty words

Such a small photo for something big. Introducing Mr & Mrs B by a proud Mum and Mother in Law

With many thanks to Abi over a Creating Paper Dreams.

Wendy xx

Monday 14 October 2013

My first ‘simply a moment’

Simply A Moment - a chance to pause, connect with our outer and inner worlds and to share in some way, whether through a photo and a few words, a longer piece of journaling, a drawing ... limited only by your imagination!

Those words belong to Alexa over at Trimming the Sails. A regular slot on the 15th of each month I think, I have often had a peek at some of the posts but never joined in. A couple of weeks ago I felt myself inclined to jot down my thoughts one morning whilst sat drinking coffee in the kitchen. I’d forgotten about them and really should have typed them up and posted well before now as they are now a little out of date. Not wanting to lose them though I’ve decided to just throw them into the mix – hopefully its something I can start to join in on a regular basis. Perhaps on time even!! For now though I’ll post it now and then link up to the next one.

Monday 30th September - It’s gone quiet, almost silent. The banging that’s still ringing in my ears has stopped. So too has the voice – a telephone call, he stepped out the front to take it but he has a large booming voice and so I could still hear it. I can hear ladders being manoeuvred out there now but I presume that’s the neighbours getting ready for their day – they’re window cleaners. Footsteps, he’s returned, just finishing up the sweeping he was part way through when the phone rang. It will be lovely when its done – a few hours time maybe? A whooshing noise now – my phone. That’ll be one of my children ‘whatsapping’ me. Yes it’s Grumpy – can’t ignore Grumpy, she only went away to uni a little over a week ago and I miss her – even more than I was expecting actually. I reply to her straight away. She’s bumped her recently pierced nose in the night, lots of pain and a slightly swollen nose now. We have a little ‘conversation’ about it and then she moves on with her day. I’m finding it a little difficult not knowing ALL about her days anymore. I use Instagram and Facebook to gather snippets – usually in the form of photos – but I feel a little like a stalker at times. It’ll lessen, I know it will – she’s not the first of my children to go off to uni. I suddenly remember she needs to make a phone call so I send her a message. I get a ‘I know’ back so I just send kisses and close down the conversation. A little banging has started up again, not as much as earlier. I think it will just be occasional now, and then I hear the sawing out front – oh yes I’d forgotten about that , there will be quite a lot of that today. It’ll be worth it though, a lovely new hall floor, hmm radiators – still not sorted those. I’d better get onto that now – I’ll just finish my coffee first.

Coffee Bright

Light reflected in my coffee cup

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Thursday 10 October 2013

Take a peek into my hallway

Whilst my paper crafting is still very much on the back burner I love the creative feeling from completely revamping a room and so I thought I’d share with you our latest revamp.  The hall, stairs and landing were long overdue some tlc and so whilst we were away on holiday we took the plunge. Half a wall was removed on the landing, giving us a much more open balcony landing. The whole kit and kaboodle was then re plastered from top to toe. Next came the decorating and we chose two paints from B&Q colours range, Grey Hints for most of the walls and Grey Slate to act as a feature wall.

Part 1

It’s not completely finished yet but most of it is done. I busied myself with the Annie Sloan paint again on a purchase from eBay for the landing and, although it didn’t turn out quite as good as the chest of drawers in the hall, that’s more down to the style of furniture than anything else I think. The wooden flooring carries on through from the lounge and there’s a rug made from the leftover carpet. As you can see, Mad dog has already taken a liking to that particular spot.

Part 2

I’ve added a couple of hooks to the one side of the chest of drawers so that my handbag and the occasional jacket can be neatly stowed and, when the flowers have keeled over, there’s a wire ‘in’ tray that stores our daily post quite nicely. Just lately I can often be found sitting on the stairs in one place or another. I love the feel of the wool carpet and the padding of the underlay makes it feel really rather luxurious. This is also the best place to view my anniversary present from T’hubby, it’s a painting by the very talented Kerry Darlington and although this particular painting wouldn't have been my first choice (and yes there is a tale to tell there) it is growing on me all the time.

Part 3

I’m also loving the old school map of the British Isles that’s actually a sheet of wrapping paper from the British Museum fitting perfectly into an Ikea frame. The globe, lamp, deer head and the little key dish are finds from one of my favourite stores – Tk Maxx, and I think that pretty much rounds it up.

So, I’ve a few more bits to do (we still need new radiators and lights) but I’m really pleased with how it now feels and I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek. Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment.

Wendy xx

Monday 2 September 2013

Last to jump on the bandwagon …….

The Annie Sloan paint wagon that is. I’ve lurked in the background for a while now, wondering if it really was as good as it claimed to be. When I recently searched again and couldn’t find a bad word said about it, I took the plunge.
Our hall stairs and landing are long overdue a revamp. First up the artex and pine had to go and so the whole space was re-plastered.  Then came the decorating which has now thankfully been finished. Which just leaves the hall floor (wood to be laid) the stair carpet (a runner to be found) and carpet for the landing. We’re also still in need of new lights and window dressing but hey we’re heading in the right direction.
An old pine chest of drawers has stood in the hall forever, but it is useful for housing all manner of things from warm scarves and mittens to lost and found knick knacks that we seem to have a constant supply of. I’d found something in Ikea that I quite liked the look of but at £250 I thought it might be worth my while to attempt a revamp instead. True to form (well my form anyway) I forgot to take complete ‘before’ photo so its a sort of half way through but I think you’ll get the picture.
This paint is wonderful. I did zero prep and it really went on like a dream and dried quickly. I applied one straight from the tin coat of ‘Florence’ followed by a watered down coat when that was dry. I then applied clear wax all over, removing the excess with a cloth and ta da …. the finished product.
I so enjoyed it and its so easy and quick to achieve a nice result that I’m itching to do more.
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Friday 14 December 2012

Hovel cake

T'hubby surprised me on my recent birthday with a cake of The Hovel. How fantastic is this.

I must admit I'm thinking that posts from my phone only work when they're small and you're happy with just one photo at the bottom.

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Thursday 13 December 2012


A quick trial of blogging from my phone. I'm bound to dislike the font but hey ho.

For now I'll just share a few shots of a recent trip to Antwerp.

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Wendy xx

Monday 16 July 2012

Hello Monday

Well hello to another week and the realisation that I’ve not posted since the last Hello Monday – I must get better at that.

  • Hello to a temporary working girl, Tattyhead is doing work experience this week in our nearest Debenhams store and went off to work this morning looking very grown up.
  • Hello to Grumpy’s new job, her words not mine – Her bid for head girl was successful and she’s off with the rest of the newly formed team (deputies and ambassadors) going through a lively ‘storming’ phase that I listen very dutifully to her account of each day.
  • Hello to visitors later in the week, one night here then we’re off to The Hovel with them for a weekend of eating drinking and chatting – lovely.
  • Hello to ordering sun cream, insect repellent and Euros, yay bring it on.
  • Hello to the ‘Next sale’ parcels arriving bit by bit. Of course the things I want for our hols won’t arrive before we go but hey ho.
  • Hello to having a go at making a skirt from a sundress later in the week.
  • Hello to this view, well soon anyway, I just cannot wait can you tell?

Windmill 1

That’s pretty much my week ahead, what’s planned for your?

Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave me a comment, its lovely to hear from you.

Wendy xx